Born-Raised-Lived-Died: My Greatest Fear

I was going to write about this topic even before the despicable events of Charlottesville, VA. Now it feels even more timely and relevant. I freak out about spiders and jellyfish, but my greatest fear has nothing to do with creepy-crawlies or stinging sea critters. I call it "Born-raised-lived-died." Born-raised-lived-died is the unfortunate tendency, easily … Continue reading Born-Raised-Lived-Died: My Greatest Fear

Dragging Voices

I'm sorry I haven't posted any cute anecdotes and stories from Germany yet. I've been so thought-jumbled, so clogged up word-wise with all of the current events that it's been easier to be silent. It is easier to stay quiet than to speak out about things that need to change, to push back against the … Continue reading Dragging Voices