Hi! Nice to meet you.

From the beginning, you say? I was raised in an evangelical Christian household or two (long story), and was groomed to go to college, earn multiple degrees, and then succeed beyond everyone’s wildest imaginings as a professor and author and whatever else.

I did attend college, where I finished losing my religion, became Pagan, picked up one solitary liberal arts degree, and graduated seven months pregnant. I guess you could say that taking the easy road is not my forte…

…but taking the most colorful (and usually the happiest) road is. I have three amazing children, a menagerie, an impossible last name, and — most recently — I ran a tiny Etsy shop where I (in theory) sold wire jewelry and other handmade things.

Oh, but the author thing? If you skip the “successful” part, I’ve done that too. More than once. 🙂

Life is far too beautiful to tame. It’s an unbridled mare with places to go, so grab a fistful of mane and hang on (wild giggles in the wind totally optional, but highly recommended).

[Other Stuff: I’m an OBOD Druid, a flamekeeper in Ord Brighideach International, and a member of the Biddy Tarot Community. I’ve been reading Tarot for many years, and I believe anyone can benefit from a Tarot-as-a-tool approach to personal empowerment.]