Amazon links (non-affiliate) to my published works:

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Opalescing (poetry) — A journey through seasons of nature and life.


Pale Wolf’s Gift: From Amen to Awen (non-fiction, written under a pseudonym) — A firsthand account of life in the South in the 80s-00s, PWG explores the consequences and freedoms of leaving Christianity in a heavily Christian community. Walk with the me of yesteryear as she wanders through the Dark Night of the Soul on her journey toward authentic spiritual practice.


Night Hag in the Flame: new and selected poems is out on Amazon now! “Vignettes of friendship, betrayal, loyalty, love, and grief mingled with magic collide in this bold new collection of Melissa Eatherington’s poems. These clear-voiced lines celebrate the perennial and the fleeting — and the journey of a woman rising into her own power.”