Mel’s Monday Musings: February 21, 2022

I did a cool thing this past week, y’all! (Those of you who follow me on various social media channels already know this.) Meet Abraxas!!

A rainbow-colored scorpion tattoo on a woman's upper arm, close to the shoulder. The scorpion has a paintbrush instead of a stinger, with magenta paint dripping from it.

Abraxas is my 7th tattoo. The 8th may very well be a small ‘painting’ below/between his pincers that ‘he made’ but I haven’t figured out what that would be yet.

I always enjoy the process of designing a tattoo and then seeing it come to life on my skin. Five of my seven tattoos have been inked by the same artist, and she’s a great collaborator. She always has good suggestions and helps refine my ideas into something I’m thrilled with in the end.

It was also pretty cool to be used as a living portfolio this time around! I was waiting my turn as a few potential clients drifted in and out with questions, and one of them asked if my artist had a portfolio. I joked that I was turning into one for her, and she said, “Actually yeah, here [dude], wanna see some of my work in the wild?” so I showed him my ink and I’m pretty sure he did book an appointment with her.

We couldn’t figure out whether we liked the (final) high placement for Abraxas or a lower one, so we turned to the court of public opinion — the folks waiting for their artists. Everyone thought the stencil looked best higher (which was what I was leaning toward) so that was that.

My tattoo shop is probably the public place where I’m most comfortable, maybe even moreso than my art home (at the shop, I’m not working!). The vibe is easygoing and straightforward. The tattooists know that I’m that I’m friendly and chill — and an artist myself, so I never balk at paying the requested prices for quality work (I also tip well).

This was by far my most painful tattoo (even my little chest piece didn’t hurt this much!) and I’m not sure why. The upper arm doesn’t seem like it would be a painful place (plenty of body fat there, at least on me!) but the last half hour of the 3.5 hrs of actual inking time was enough to make my jaw clench. I sit like a stone — or so I think, anyway…my artist might see it differently — and was surprised to have to sort of mentally shove it aside at the end.

So, so worth it. I can’t wait until this piece is fully healed and I can [sunscreen up and] show it off to the world!

What’s something cool or good you’ve done for yourself lately?