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Loki’s Story: Beginnings in Endings, Holding On and Letting Go

(Loki’s story has been heavy on my mind lately because my 13-year-old Shih Tzu may push me into a very difficult decision within the next week or two. I’m 34 and I’ve never had to decide if it was “time” for a beloved pet to leave. It would hardly be the first time I couldn’t… Continue reading Loki’s Story: Beginnings in Endings, Holding On and Letting Go

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Not an Obligation to Me

(Warning: graphic image below — visible blood in medical tubing, iodine, etc. …It doesn’t bother me, but some people might not want to look.) It’s February 14th. I’m not going to rehash my story (find it here if you’re curious) but it’s important to me that I mark this day. Eight years ago, I came… Continue reading Not an Obligation to Me

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Deliberately Shameless

“Shame on you!” “You should be ashamed of yourself!” “Have you no shame?” No, I don’t, and I’ll tell you why. The Free Dictionary defines shame as: “A painful emotion caused by the belief that one is, or is perceived by others to be, inferior or unworthy of affection or respect because of one’s actions,… Continue reading Deliberately Shameless