Dragging Voices

I’m sorry I haven’t posted any cute anecdotes and stories from Germany yet. I’ve been so thought-jumbled, so clogged up word-wise with all of the current events that it’s been easier to be silent.

It is easier to stay quiet than to speak out about things that need to change, to push back against the inertia of systems that do their damndest, politically, socially, and otherwise, to keep the status quo intact.

But…I don’t believe that difficulty or pain getting the words out, or even fear of reprisal, exempts a person from doing their utmost to be part of the solution — and apathy and indifference are big components of the problem, of any problem in our society/culture. This time, I’m mostly talking about the spate of now-harder-to-hide police shootings of unarmed black people, the vehement push-back against the Black Lives Matter movement, and how these things are shaping, to some degree, the election this year (one candidate is definitely running on a platform of division!).

I’ll start by sharing this video. It’s not short and it’s not “cute” (no cats, sorry) — but it matters, and this guy says something that I’ve been trying to articulate from the very bottom of my soul for a long time. You’ve seen me write about Otherness here and there. He gives the same sentiment bold life here.