The Most Powerful Sentence?

I think one of the most powerful and necessary sentences in existence is, “You are not alone.”

Whatever you’re going through, no matter how bad or weird or amazing or stressful the day has been…you are not alone.

Whatever you’re going through, someone understands.

And that’s the really cool part about having such a wide and varied network of friends and family. It’s pretty freaking rare that I feel alone with anything.

Thanks for that, y’all.

I do have a few things that nobody can help me carry. We all do. And knowing that, even if our individual burdens differ and are too private, too intimate, too raw or too beautiful for other human eyes and thoughts, still connects us with that unbreakable gossamer thread.

Many people unburden themselves to me — it’s a side effect of being a Tarot reader, for one thing, but it’s not just clients; I carry the secrets of hundreds of people. (A lot of folks reading this are considering how much I know about them right now!)

Your secrets are safe with me. But, over the years as I have gathered these precious strands of trust, I have learned that we are never truly alone with what we carry. That thing you told me in confidence — or that you’ve never shared with anyone — that you keep in the innermost locked box of your heart? Someone else has told me the same thing, or very similar. There are no one-offs. The details differ, but the secret pain or joy or shame…someone else carries this too. (For some situations, it’s the “other” or others involved in whatever it is or was. Sometimes I hear both sides.)

You may never meet someone who shares your heaviest and most private thing-you’re-dealing-with-or-have-been-through. (Sometimes that’s a comfort in and of itself.) Just know that no matter what, you are not alone.

You are not alien.

You are not as Other as you feel.

I’m here if you need me.