Mel’s Monday Musings: January 31, 2022

Hi, y’all! How’s your week going?

Duke is playing tonight, so I don’t want to waste anyone’s time with a bunch of fluff here, but I did want to drop off a recent painting I did and a poem I’m working on that sort-of accompanies it.

This is “Flowers in the Moonlight” (do not use anywhere without permission, as usual, y’all).

[untitled poem in progress below]

we climb toward the steady moon,
hillside colors cooled into inky palettes,
until we yield to burning legs and hearts
and sink to the willing fox-watched earth.
night deepens on flowers’ faces and ours
as we draw self-portraits in the sky
on our backs in early-summer grass;
sometimes all the stars feel like home.

-Mel Eatherington, 01.22