Mel’s Monday Musings: June 21, 2021

Hi, y’all! Can you believe it’s already Monday again??

I’ve been wondering about buried dreams lately. I think we might all have them — that one thing (or maybe many things) we wish we had done or that if we had a do-over we’d at least have tried a little harder to bring about.

The thing is, though, that for most of this sort of thing, if you’re still breathing it’s not too late.

So what if you’re already 50 and haven’t written the next great American novel yet? You have time! Start now!

Always wanted to form a band but got distracted/took another path with family and career and all? Can you still sing or play? Then what are you waiting for?? Get to it!

Don’t let fear — of your age, that life has already passed you by, that you could never — hold you back. Your dreams await. Some of them have been buried for a long time; maybe others really aren’t feasible anymore…but everything is not lost. Take a look into that dusty trunk in the back of your mind. Shake out the dreams folded away like moth-eaten linen in there.

You just might stumble into your next great adventure that way. And oh, my dears, life *needs* adventure!

Why not now? Why not you?