Mel’s Monday Musings: June 14, 2021

A quick bit of musing for y’all today:

I’m now the mother of a SIXTEEN-year-old. 16!!! When did THAT happen?? (today, heh) — I remember who I was at 16, and let’s just say, I’m a really proud parent right now.

I can’t believe my kids are 12, 14, and 16 now…but at the same time, I don’t feel unprepared. That’s the nice thing about life — things that seemed so distant and unfathomable once upon a time, just feel natural once you get there.

Right now, it feels weird to think about my kids as grown adults — and yet, I know when we start getting there in a few years, it won’t seem so strange.

So many things are like that — we grow into who we need to be, we learn what we need to learn before we get there (hopefully!), etc.

Trust the process.