Mel’s Monday Musings: March 2, 2020

Holy hats; it’s March already! How’s it going? Are you starting to see signs of spring where you are?

We are, I suppose. My town received almost three feet of snow Thurs/Fri, but today it’s 45F and raining. That would be great and all if we didn’t currently have about 8 small trails of water sliding down one living room wall (something to do with the way the water streams off the roof — it’s an addition without a steep slope, which is probably part of the issue, but I also suspect that the roof doesn’t overhang enough to let the water flow down and off of it properly, without water running back under it into the soffit area and coming in via poor insulation).

*sigh* We’ll try to fix it if it ever dries out this week. I think Saturday might be the first day without some form of precipitation.

Anyway…I finished The Killing Fog and have read two other (very different) books since then. All pretty good in their own right; I won’t get into the others here because they were not gentle reads, despite their compelling plots.

I’ve been making potholders — remember the little metal or plastic loom you had as a kid? Yep, just like that! The looms are less annoying now; same great metal but with pegs that are (slightly) less apt to let your hard work slip right off before you’re ready. It still happens sometimes, darnit, but I’m having a blast. I’m going to see if I can add some of my brightly-colored creations to my in-person shop shelf, as well as my Etsy shop at some point.


Other than that, I’ve ordered more flower bulbs in anticipation of planting within the next month at some point…the weather could go either way at any time, so we’ll see how that actually shakes out — OH, and this year we’re getting a purple rose bush! I’m more excited than maybe I should be about that, especially if it does as well as my little red and yellow floribunda bush has.

What are you up to these days? (Are you washing your hands a lot and avoiding touching your face, etc.? I’m not an alarmist, but I need you to care about this Coronavirus and take good care of yourself. You matter!)