Mel’s Monday Musings: March 9, 2020

Hi! How are you?

Today felt like spring here! It was gorgeous. I love winter, but I can also appreciate why people look forward to this season. Now, it’s probably a false alarm/there may be more winter yet, but soon enough, spring will reign. I can’t wait until my spring bulbs and plants start arriving!

It’s been a tiring few days around here, and this week isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. I think, though, that everything probably feels more wearying than it is right now, with the stress and strain of politics + Covid-19 and all of the other stuff we all collectively carry around.

(So of course I’ve been trying to master new-to-me painting techniques anytime I have a spare moment and enough brain cells left to try!)

I think we need to be good to ourselves in this time of uncertainty — but we also need to be good to others. That means not hoarding sanitizer, masks, toilet paper, etc. (and the people you want to have the masks are health care providers, btw! not you and me). It means thinking about people other than yourself — you may be alright if you get the coronavirus, but you might spread it to someone else who won’t be. I’m high risk if I get it because my lungs aren’t amazing right now (I’ve never smoked, before you make assumptions — and even if I had it wouldn’t make my life worth less!). You love someone who’s high risk; I almost guarantee it.

Don’t let fear rule you, but do be practical, ok? 🙂

Still making potholders over here. It’s so relaxing to make them while I’m doing other things; the repetitive motions of weaving-type crafts ease my mind/get me out of my own head when I’m stuck in certain thought patterns.

We haven’t fixed the leaky room, but no more water has come in since last week, so I’m hoping it can hold off until we have a bit more disposable income to throw at it.

I’m working on my “artist site” (for Wandering Bloom Art, my little sole proprietorship) so I can enter art shows this spring (it was a requirement for the one I looked at earlier). Right now I just need it to be a rudimentary-but-functional space, and WP luckily lets you do that without much hassle. If it turns out well, I’ll share it here (I’ll probably share that eventually anyway).

I’m also pulling my various records and paperwork together so we can file taxes/add my meager income from last year into the mix. I doubt it’ll change the bottom line much, but I play by the rules when it comes to all things taxable. I don’t need Uncle Sam mad at me, thanks.

Have you filed your taxes yet, US friends?

Off to daydream about what I want to cook first in my new 12″ cast iron skillet! 😀 Be well.