Mel’s Monday Musings: February 24, 2020

Hey there! How are you? Surviving Monday?

It was almost unseasonably warm here today, at 45F! As nice as it was to walk outside without a coat, I won’t mind when winter returns Wednesday night or so, and am hoping we get every bit of the snow they’re predicting on Thursday and then some.

I’ve started reading The Killing Fog by Jeff Wheeler. It’s a solid start to a new series, although so far not my very favorite (it’d be hard to top some of his other books though; that’s a very high bar!). It has all of the elements of a story you can stick with across multiple books, and I already know I’ll see it through.

What are you reading?


Politics: I haven’t posted much about it on here and I don’t particularly want to debate, but if anyone’s curious, here’s my current take on things: I think Liz Warren is the best candidate for the Democratic ticket. I think Bernie Sanders might get the nomination if the establishment can’t figure out how to tank him fast (I am no fan of the DNC and its shady shit). I think any of the B-boys (Bernie, Biden, etc.) would lose to Trump in the actual election, although I’d hope otherwise, of course. I supported Bernie in 2016, fwiw, and voted for Hillary in the national election.

I will vote for the Democratic candidate in the national election in November. Trump is too dangerous. I fear that the Democratic Party has come close to ruining its chances with infighting and a crowded field, but I don’t believe we’re going to have a free and fair election so I’m not sure how much that’ll matter in the end. And I’m definitely not convinced that, should Trump lose, he will agree to and participate in a peaceful transfer of power in January.

Don’t think I’m despairing; I’m not! There’s always hope! We just need to come together with incredible voter turnout in November, and support whoever runs against Trump. While I have my favorite, I will be 100% in the corner of the Democratic nominee, and I hope others who want to see the usurper out of office will join me. I am not a “fall in line” kind of person at all…I don’t want to come across that way! But with the GOP in lockstep (goose step at this point?), it’s going to take a unified movement to remove the wannabe-dictator-in-chief.

February is not my favorite month; it never will be. But this year we get an extra day, and that’s pretty neat! A lot of community organizations are doing a Leap of Kindness Day on the 29th, and I think it’d be pretty cool if we could all individually take that concept to heart also. A simple act of kindness can do so much for someone who’s struggling with things you may not even realize they’re carrying.

(This is one of my secret weapons against despair. It makes me think about the many kindnesses others have shown to me over the years, and that reminds me that people are mostly good, no matter what the headlines say.)

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