Mel’s Monday Musings: February 17, 2020

Hi! Boy, it’s Monday, isn’t it? How are you?

My day started with discovering doggy diarrhea — and someone’s little poopy pawprints all across the kitchen. The floor needed a good mopping anyway, though I’m not sure I’d have done it first thing this morning (ok, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have).

Speaking of dog stuff, I’ve been making friends with two Goldendoodles over these past few days. They are huge and adorable, and I need one (someday when there’s room in the menagerie)! I’ve been teaching one of them a trick; not sure he has time to get it before his routine returns to normal and he’s out of my life, but it’s fun to try.

Welsh and Esperanto are both rolling along; I think I’ll probably never be a great speller in Welsh though! :-p (The word for “beer” is “cwrw,” for example…so many consonants — to me — and so few recognizable vowels!)

In other random things, I have some fitness goals for this year (nothing drastic; I’ll probably always be overweight and tbh I only mind when other people make it a Thing — my goals are about overall health and longevity, not about fitting into a certain size) and I’ve decided to track certain metrics. I think it’ll help me see where I need to improve and provide some auto-accountability. It’ll be the first time I’ve worn any kind of watch in years!

To my readers with sensory processing issues: Have you ever noticed them seeming to worsen or intensify over time/as the years go by? I’m not sure if it’s because I’m more aware of my issues than I used to be, but I have the overall impression they’ve worsened over the past decade or two, even though I’m better able to deal with/work around them than I once was. Inquiring minds want to know! Have you experienced this?

Finally, in promising news, my state’s single-use plastic bag ban starts next month! I’m seeing a lot of eco-friendly alternatives I’d like to check out, including this Kickstarter that just floated my way. I’m not worried about grocery shopping; reusable totes are awesome (I love anything that involves customization! heh). Trash bags, dog waste baggies (during walks), and other applications where reusable bags aren’t as feasible…this is where I’m interested in plant-based/compost-friendly/etc. options. It’s nice to see that they’re out there.

Have a good week!

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