Mel’s Monday Musings: December 30, 2019

Hi! Well, we did it! We’ve made it through the final Monday of 2019! Can you believe it?

Today was…not a good day. Yesterday really wasn’t either. (Different reasons, which I guess is a good thing overall?)

2017 was terrible and filled with losses; 2018 held a lot of other changes; 2019 has been hella-stressful, but nowhere near as bad as 2017, and some shiny things happened this year that I wouldn’t trade away for anything.

I was going to have some kind of thoughtful retrospective here, but I don’t know that I could do it justice, and I’m content to let the last bit of the year slip through my fingers tomorrow night without any major final thoughts.

I wish amazing things for you in 2020!

May your projects bear timely fruits; may your health be solid or improve as need be; may you always have food on your table and a good friend to laugh and cry with. May love surround you and your joys outnumber your sorrows. May hope rise like bubbles in a glass of champagne throughout your life, and may you embrace yourself and your life fully and with gusto.

May you have the courage, the will, the knowledge, and the resources to change what doesn’t serve you. May you always find a helping hand and a kind voice when your reservoir is empty. May you help others in kind and in turn.

Blessings on your coming year, friends. 🙂

Also, I know it’s a bit early, but my word for 2020 is…


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