Mel’s Monday Musings: January 6, 2020

Hi! Here we are, almost a full week into the new year! How is 2020 going for you so far?

We keep having peek-a-boo snows here. It’ll come down like crazy, and then two (or twelve, or twenty-four) hours later, it’s gone. I got spoiled last winter with deep, heavy snows that lasted, I guess! (I realize heavy snow is inconvenient; I don’t enjoy shoveling for hours either — but dammit, I want to go sledding! heh)

The first D&D campaign I’ve played in many, many years is going well (playing w/all the kids). Hilarious and probably nothing like the DM wants it to go, most of the time, but ehhh, as long as everyone’s having fun. I’m pretty sure we’re not playing exactly correctly at times, but we’re learning (or re-learning, as the case may be with some of the adults).

I’m working on the Irish Festival again this year. That’s always a roaring good time; I felt a little thrown-in-head-first last year but now that I sort of know what I’m doing, I’m more excited than nervous about being part of the fun group of people who make it all happen. I enjoy feeling like I’m part of where I live, like I belong here, even if it’s mostly in little ways.

Let’s see…oh, art/business-wise, I have SO many goals for this year. I know they may not all work out, but any of them that do will be good by me. I’m hoping to enter the spring art show (I have one piece framed and may be able to get one more done if I can catch a good framing sale) with my alcohol ink work.

I’m getting ready to list scrunchies (hello, 90s!) in my Etsy shop as well as on the little shelf I have at an in-person store. Hopefully those will sell like hotcakes and I’ll be kept busy making more in interesting fabrics. I’d love to offer uncommon collections, prints that don’t always make it over into the girls’ section of clothes/accessories — dinosaurs, race cars, outer space, etc.

I’m also trying to find time to take online classes about Procreate and similar, so that I can seriously attack the backlog of ideas for fabric design and various collections floating around in my wonky brain. I’ll be uploading those to Spoonflower once I get rolling!

There’s plenty to be stressed over and upset about in my life and in the world, but I’m determined to keep my head up and stay focused on my goals as much as possible.

How about you?