Mel’s Monday Musings: January 13, 2020

You know how I was talking about goals last week?

I just spent almost a week doing mostly nothing. Not really by choice. Oh well. There’s always (probably later) this week, right?

I also have a new long-term goal I hadn’t anticipated, that I’ll have to work into my year — one of those things that isn’t going to wait until it’s convenient. I’ll share more when I’m ready to, but just know that if anyone’s had a helluva last week, I sympathize. Sometimes life just laughs at you and throws a LOT onto your plate that you weren’t expecting.

It’s all gonna be ok in the end. 🙂

The scrunchies did hit my shelf in that little shop last week (just in time, before my unexpected break from productivity). I haven’t heard yet how they’ve sold, if any have sold. I’ve got a bit of Valentine’s fabric (ughhh I know, but!) so I may make up some for that and maybe that’ll jump-start things. I may not make it out to the shop this week. Hopefully this weekend I can take the photos I need in order to put some items up on Etsy and try to get that ball rolling again.

(Most of us don’t think about it I guess, but small business owners/crafters/etc. do a LOT of things, all the time, just for any hope of scraping together decent streams of revenue. There are a million balls in the air…but I know we’re all juggling a zillion things between work, home, and everything else in our lives. Sometimes it just feels insane to even attempt it all.)

Anyway…it looks like winter may be headed back our way for the rest of the week into the weekend! I hope we get a really good snow on Saturday. Assuming I’m up for it and temps aren’t *too* low with any wind chill, we’ll pile the kids into the car and go to the nearest big hill and spend a few hours sledding.

Part of me says that I’d like to eventually learn to snowboard and ski, too, and another part of me points out that I *like* having functioning knees (and face, and) so we’ll see how that shakes out in the future. 😀

Also: I found all eight books about “Anne with an E” for $20! They should be here later this week. I can’t wait; I’m not sure I ever read the last couple in the series when I first laid hands on it decades ago in my maternal grandparents’ house.

What are you looking forward to over this next little while?