Mel’s Monday Musings: January 20, 2020

(Hey, I actually remembered to type 2020 instead of 2019 the first time around this time!)

Hiii. I’m back! How’s it going?

I feel so much better than I did a week ago! Still got a little way to go (and some long-term things I’m working on), but I’ll take it. 🙂

We did get a pretty good snow; I’d say there’s a solid 6″ on the ground in most places around here. Didn’t get to go sledding because it’s been “booger-freezing weather” lately — the temps have just been too cold to have the kids out in it for very long. My hands get angry pretty quickly even in my heated gloves in this kind of weather! I love it anyway. Winter is so profound and fathomless and absolutely beautiful, even if it does have a savage edge around here. (It was -4F without the wind chill when I woke up this morning!)

I’m also looking forward to spring — I don’t want to hurry winter away, not at all! — because the seed catalogs have been arriving in droves. I know I’m going to plant dahlias and lilies again; those did very well here last year. We’ll also have more strawberry plants and probably carrots again; these are satisfying to harvest and the guinea pigs like them as much as we do! I like that our marigolds did such a great job at keeping pests away from the strawberries; I think I lost maybe two berries total and that was to (I think) a rabbit who lived (lives?) under our shed. I don’t mind sharing with her.

Do you garden? What are you looking forward to planting this spring?

Yesterday would’ve been my sweet Granddaddy’s 98th birthday. It’s been a few years now without him (he died less than 48 hours after his 95th birthday) but I miss him a lot this time of year. I was really lucky to have him for so long though! I think he would’ve enjoyed all of my “adventures up north.”

My writing is picking up again. I thought I was almost finished with the current collection I’m working on, but I guess not! The overall tone of the work is changing, subtly and I think for the better. It’ll be interesting to see where this one ends up when it’s finally ready to be polished and presented to the world.

There is always life beneath the snow.