Mel’s Monday Musings: December 9, 2019

Hi, y’all! What a whirlwind of a week it’s been.

We had our next-to-last choir rehearsal tonight for “Messiah.” We’re sounding pretty decent for the size of the choir! I can’t wait to rehearse in the concert space; acoustics are always different. It’ll be a treat to hear the orchestra, too! (And I’m only mildly thbpppt-ing that we’re using a mezzo-soprano as the alto soloist…)

I did ok at my craft fair Saturday; decent enough that I said yes to a last-minute fair this coming Sunday. (If I do well enough it ought to let me do my holiday shopping…cross your fingers! I have been hustling like a crazy person to get everything possible into these fairs and into my little shop corner.)

I’ve broken even on the corner of the shop so far, with commission/space fees factored in. I’m hoping that with Yule/Xmas right around the corner, those holidays will drive shoppers in to look at all of the cool handmade things. And of course I already have a zillion more ideas for next year. (I’ll put some of my handmade gift tags online this week and will try to remember to edit this post with the link when I do! They’ve surprised me with their popularity.)

I need to get a move on on all of the handmade gifts I’m doing this year. I’m making my brother a lamp out of a (clean) bottle that held his favorite tequila, along with a bracelet that’s kind of like if standard chainmaille and paracord bracelets had a love child…making all the kids new pillows out of fun fabrics, and rice hot/cold packs so they can heat ’em up at bedtime and get cozy under the covers faster…got a couple other ideas up my sleeve if I already have the materials (things are still pretty tight around here, and likely will be until March or April at least).

We did get the kids gingerbread houses to decorate yesterday — I found them on sale for just a few bucks each! Those darned houses are so hard to get standing upright! Once they’re together, the decorating part is pretty fun. Unfortunately, Ellie, one of our dogs, apparently got onto the table (grrrrr) and ate part of my youngest kiddo’s gingerbread house’s back yard. Snarfed a snowman and a tree right off the back lawn (ruuude)! We know it was her because she was caught running away from the table licking her lips. Nothing a bit more frosting and some extra decorations can’t fix tomorrow. 🙂

My Nana always had a gingerbread house on display during the holidays. It was fancy and we kids weren’t allowed to touch it (though we all wanted to so badly we couldn’t stand it sometimes! heh). She also had a gumdrop tree, and we were allowed to pull off a gumdrop as long as we replaced it with a new one for the next person.

If I didn’t have the world’s worst cat (and apparently a rotten doggo now as well…wth, Ellie?? *sigh*) I would have a gumdrop tree also. I love that idea. Someday!

Yule is going to be pretty important for me this year, though not necessarily in ways I could blog about here. (Stay tuned…we’ll see.)

I watched Klaus on Netflix Saturday night, thinking I would share it with the kids if it was cute. Oh man…I bawled. Never ever gonna watch it again, lol. I was not expecting that at all. I know I’m ridiculously tenderhearted; you can laugh at that.

Oh! I’ve chosen my Word of the Year for 2020. It’s a good one. 🙂 It feels like things are going to take a turn for the better soon. I hope so, and I’ll hope too, that if you’re in a hectic, strained, stressful place, brighter days are just around the corner for you as well.

Wishing you all merry, bright days!