Mel’s Monday Musings: December 2, 2019

Hi, y’all (holy cats; it’s DECEMBER already!!). Can you believe we’re almost ready to bid goodbye to 2019?

I hope to never be as anxious to leave a year behind as I was at the end of 2017, but I’ll admit that I’m looking forward to 2020. Hopefully some less-stressful days are in my future there!

(Did get a couple of promising leads as to a “regular” job, i.e., one that might help pay the bills while I build a career in art/fabric design/etc.)

Rehearsal sounded pretty good tonight! I can’t believe the concert is less than three weeks away now. We went through every choral piece in “Messiah” except for the most well-known, because we know that one the best too and we were pressed for time. That concert is going to be LONG, long enough to have at least one 15-min intermission and another 5-minute break for the orchestra to re-tune and all that jazz.

I only have one more craft show this year, on this coming Saturday.  I’m a little bummed to not have any closer to Christmas, but the truth is, we’ve got more than we can manage on our plates as it is right now. Maybe this one will be THE one where things sell like hotcakes and I can wrap up the year feeling like all of that has been worthwhile. That’d be nice!

We have about 6″ of snow on the ground right now. (The kids didn’t even get a two-hour delay, because that’s how it is here. It makes me laugh, thinking about how everything ‘down home’ would shut down for an overnight half-foot of snow.) I didn’t sleep great last night because the dogs thought every plow was The Enemy and the plows themselves take some getting used to every winter (apparently). Their KATHUNK-SKREEEEEE noises woke me out of a sound sleep twice in half an hour.

Been having hilariously wacky dreams lately, even for me. I don’t mind. 😀 Do you usually successfully recall some of your dreams the next morning, or have they poofed away by the time you’ve opened your eyes and convinced yourself to get up?

What’s new with you, friends?