Mel’s Monday Musings: January 28, 2019

Two things for y’all today (hopefully you’ll get something of value from at least one of them!):

1. At a meeting for a large and beloved annual town festival, I gave a committee report to a room full of influential townspeople I don’t know, as my face flamed (my co-chair, a native, always gives the reports and unexpectedly turned it over to me when we were called on). Ten years ago, if someone had done that, I would’ve run from the room and hidden until the meeting was over. Tonight, I gave the damned report.

What victories have you celebrated lately? Sometimes the small stuff is also the big stuff!

2. I wrote a poem in the shower this morning. It goes with the breathtakingly beautiful frost crystals on my window. (I’m leaving these images large!)


I linger where morning sun doesn’t think to go,
Not for lack of loving, though
There are those who spin it thus;
I see how shadows worship still
The brightening echoes of frost on glass,
And think the sun most adoring be,
To leave untouched what it could but ruin,
Easing pale rays into other corners.