Mel’s Monday Musings: February 4, 2019

Hello, dear ones! Here we are in February! How have you fared over the past week?

I’ll have something more profound to say next week (we’re closing in on a date with great personal meaning), but today is another “simple pleasures” kind of day.

It was an unusually warm day here, for February (50F!). We’ve gotten something like four feet of snow in the past few weeks and a lot of it was still sitting around, so today it has been melting apace!

The sun was out, and so was everyone and their brother, cheerfully soaking up this beautiful sneak peek of spring. Maybe Punxsutawney Phil is right for once, and spring will come early? I find I’m of two minds about that notion, because after spring comes summer…bleh. Aside from the slippery puddle-covered ice on the sidewalks, I thoroughly enjoyed my walk to pick up my youngest kiddo from school this afternoon!

I’m not used to snow, so I’m also not used to snow melting. I know that sounds like a silly thing to say, but there have been quite a few new sights and sounds for me with this! The steady dripping all around me was music to my soul; it felt somehow merry. It reminded me of a burbling, tiny creek I stumbled upon in the Bavarian National Forest, so clear (and so cold!).

The juxtaposition of water everywhere and the sun on my face was unexpectedly gorgeous, and I’m sure I had a stupid, dreamy smile on my face most of the way to the school and back again.

What small things are you grateful for right now?