I <3 NY

Hi. Wheeeeew. It’s been a while! This is going to be a very surface-level update; more interesting stuff later once I’m not surrounded by boxes.

We are finally (FINALLY) in New York, and have taken pre-possession of the home we’re buying (closing date has been delayed multiple times…hopefully next week!).

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel as we drove into our new state (it was a two-day trip across several states, and that’s just from where we were staying with family! I don’t want to think about how long it would’ve taken from TX). Would I feel like we’d made a mistake? Would I be anxious or sad? Would I find I had regrets about our choice of location?

Nope. Western Pennsylvania is gorgeous, and the scenery didn’t change significantly as we crossed into New York. So lush and beautiful, rolling hills and mountains! And the TREES! Such diversity!

(I grew up in NC. Most of the trees I saw were pine or dogwood, heh.)

People are friendly. The kids like their new schools and the year is off to a promising start. On the weekends, there’s plenty to do as a family.

The weather is great (generally — I don’t love warm/hot days in a house that heats up quickly and has no air conditioning, but we bought some great fans so it’s more bearable now). I can’t wait for fall to settle in for real!

Everything is convenient to get to, and the river is breathtaking.

Yeah, I could stay here a while — or forever.