I <3 NY

Hi. Wheeeeew. It's been a while! This is going to be a very surface-level update; more interesting stuff later once I'm not surrounded by boxes. We are finally (FINALLY) in New York, and have taken pre-possession of the home we're buying (closing date has been delayed multiple times...hopefully next week!). I wasn't sure how I'd … Continue reading I ❤ NY

Born-Raised-Lived-Died: My Greatest Fear

I was going to write about this topic even before the despicable events of Charlottesville, VA. Now it feels even more timely and relevant. I freak out about spiders and jellyfish, but my greatest fear has nothing to do with creepy-crawlies or stinging sea critters. I call it "Born-raised-lived-died." Born-raised-lived-died is the unfortunate tendency, easily … Continue reading Born-Raised-Lived-Died: My Greatest Fear