Prometheanne: Teaser Poem #2

I don’t think this one needs much explanation — but for those who don’t know: I was born and raised in beautiful North Carolina, moved to arid San Antonio, TX, in 2010, and relocated to lovely northern NY in 2018.

moving to new york

i gorge my long-starved heart
on landscapes, on lushness;
naked and made shameless with the privation
of dust and flatland,
scorpions and scorching sky and a thousand shades of beige –
it devours hills and forests, frogsong
and autumns and field after field
of late-tasseled corn or thick-packed snows,
ice-laden branches, hushings of winter
and mad riotous springs.

drunk on adirondack lakes and summer,
drowsy with memories and sunsets
warmed like gold on water,
it returns plumply to my chest
and sighs the sigh of one contented.