Mel’s Monday Musings: December 27, 2021

It’s the LAST Monday of 2021! Can you believe it??

I’m full of leftover holiday ham and homemade bread, and my mind is full of info from the YouTube videos I’ve been binging re: sewing machine restoration.

(Also fell down a rabbit hole and watched a 300-year-old barn restoration somewhere in rural France last night, whilst a cat drowsed on my lap.)

Everyone I love is safe and well (to the best of my knowledge), and we’ve almost tied off another rough year. AND there is apple pie moonshine in my fridge.

Here’s to the good times in 2021 — and yes, there were some very good times, despite the pandemic…despite all obstacles. Love always finds a way, doesn’t it? 🙂

And here’s to 2022. May it be kinder than the past two years have been to us all, and may we remember to be kind to each other.