Mel’s Monday Musings: January 3, 2022

Welcome, friends, to 2022! (Making it this far feels like a victory, doesn’t it?)

I’ve been repairing century-old walnut veneer, trying to drag myself onto the treadmill at least 5 days out of 7, and moving my artwork to a new location (same great market; they bought a building instead of continuing to rent a space that was less-than-ideal given the situation).

Now they’re calling for 9″ of snow on Thursday. I hope the kids get a genuine snow day (they don’t have to log on and do remote schoolwork for those).

I’ve also been playing with magnetic poetry again lately. I’m pretty happy with the results, but also feel like I need a wider magnet vocabulary, so I’m mulling that over at the moment.

We need accurate, FREE, readily available at-home tests for Covid. Let’s knock this thing out. We’re all so ready.

Random thoughts on a very cold Monday night! What’s on your mind?