Mel’s Monday Musings: May 17, 2021

(I’m actually back-dating this one; I wasn’t around to write on Monday…shhh!)

What’s everyone up to this week? Life is a bit hectic here at the moment; I hope you’ll forgive me for shortchanging you somewhat this week. I’m going to just drop a (new!) poem and a photo below and call it done as I throw myself into a creative frenzy that’s been tugging at me. Be good to yourselves, ok? 🙂

i stride quickly through the fading darkness;
dawn will not forgive my tardiness, and i
am unwilling to miss her today.
how quickly morning bleeds across the still water,
reflected in silent perfection.
a sudden boat shatters the day’s first best mirror
and i resolve to walk on,
but then the waking waves reach the shore,
slapping wetly against land and hulls and docks,
the sound holding captive my legs and heart
as the sun rises golden on my shoulders.

-Mel Eatherington 05.15.21