Mel’s Monday Musings: May 3, 2021

Hi! Just a quick run-down of things that have made me happy lately:

Dandelions are EVERYWHERE around me these days. They’re little sunshines underfoot even on gray days. 🙂

New creative projects are taking flight! Still working on the Chromesthesia Project too; make sure you check it out sometime!

I submitted my portfolio a few weeks ago to be considered for WOTC freelance work (realizing full well that my mostly-abstract stuff isn’t their usual cup of tea…but I know I could create awesome lands/plants/etc. for them if they gave me a chance). Dream big, right?

Here’s to new friends in unexpected places, too. Making friends as an adult is somehow ten times more awkward than it was as kids, when you realized you both loved Transformers and were instant buddies. Why is that?

New-to-me music I’m loving:
-“Ask You Twice” – ORIAN (especially the acoustic version, but both are good)
-“Where The Shadow Ends” – BANNERS
-“Acoustic” – Billy Raffoul

What’s got you smiling these days?