Mel’s Monday Musings: September 28, 2020

I’m running a what’s-up-with-me/good news post again today because there’s so much that’s so negative in the world right now.

One of my favorite Sumo wrestlers just won his first Emperor’s Cup. Congratulations, Shodai! (Asanoyama is my very favorite, and he did ok too. I don’t know why, but I feel like Asanoyama would be a little brother figure to me if I knew him, and Shodai would be a kind friend you could hang out with.)

Side note: If you haven’t seen Tochinoshin’s bout with Enho from January of this year, you need to go see it. Hilarious. 😀 (And the sheer strength required to do that! Wow!)

I’ve decided to try to learn to knit socks. I think a hand-knitted, cozy, fun-colored pair of socks would make a lovely holiday gift, don’t you? (At least for people who appreciate that kind of thing…) And, if I learn, I can eventually make myself socks that actually fit my extra-wide calves! Socks never fit me right and it’s really annoying in winter when I need to keep my legs warm, but have to slouch most socks down so they don’t hurt my legs.

(Not solely a plus-sized problem; even when I was a size 10 in college, I had that sock issue. My legs are just built like tree trunks.)

I’m still sewing masks, though I hope to be through my fabric by the end of October. I’m hoping to not need to do a round 3, but we’ll see where we are with the pandemic in early next year. I’d like to learn other things/explore new skills with my machine! I’d also like more time for art, but I feel like I need to do this as long as I have the supplies.

Think I might be something different from my usual dark sorceress this year for Halloween. (We’re just having a family party — no guests — but we still want to dress up and be silly.) I may take inspiration from the pandemic itself as well as Rosie the Riveter…hmm.

Anyway, what’s new with you?