Mel’s Monday Musings: September 21, 2020

This week is all about taking chances and holding fast, friends.

I can’t talk about her. I’m not ready yet. Anything I might think to say right now, when the collective wound is so fresh, has been thought by brighter minds and stated by more thoughtful lips and hands than mine.

I will, when I’m ready. In the meantime, stand your ground. I know it seems terrifying, and that 2020 did not need this.

I know. But I want my words to at least make a feeble attempt to do her justice, and I can’t manage that right now. It’s too raw.

In other news, I’ve been writing a flurry of poems about almost everything else; this time of year always causes an influx of words, faster than I can capture them sometimes. Last night I even ducked my head and arms out of the shower so I could scribble down a few lines before they poofed away into the ether!

I’ve decided to start entering poetry contests again. I began with one that would lead to a fantastic opportunity rather than a cash prize, though goodness knows we could use that too, and I will submit for those.

As for this increasingly-belated next poetry book, I’m considering actually submitting it to a proper publisher…so I need to pull it together. I have the poems, but the order and the pagination, etc. I don’t — yet. And many small presses only publish via contest…and many of those that I’m seeing close at the end of the month so I’d have to scramble! I’m not sure if I’m up to the challenge but I’m not writing anything off.

Watch this space. 🙂