Mel’s Monday Musings: June 22, 2020

Hiii! How are y’all tonight?

Not a lot of musing on my end at the moment, I’m afraid; it’s been a scorcher for the past few days here. Hot weather saps my energy and makes my thoughts muddy and nebulous. It also negatively affects sleep when one constantly tosses and turns trying to get a wee bit less warm, only to wake up already sticky.

BUT — it ain’t all bad.

Image may contain: swimming

(That’s one of my kiddos, not me, if anyone thought I was somehow petite.) I did spend something like six hours in the pool today, in multiple sessions — the pool I wasn’t sure about when we were seriously considering this house, because “pools are a lot of work” (and they are!). The same pool that’s our saving grace (since 117-year-old houses generally don’t have air conditioning) in a global pandemic when we’re going almost nowhere…yep, that pool.

Is it hot where you are? How are you coping?