Mel’s Monday Musings: June 29, 2020

I have a lot of thoughts, y’all. On a lot of things.

June is almost over, though, and I feel like some of what I want to say is quite simple, so I’m going to go with mostly those things.

Love is love. Every love is different and every love is worthy. (I’m talking mutual, respectful love here, not co-dependence, abuse, or the adoration of the *concept* that sometimes masquerades as love, just fyi.) No matter what gender you identify as or don’t, no matter how your beloved identifies or what you do or don’t do in the bedroom — sending respect to all of my NB and Ace/Demi friends too!, your love is worthy and whole. You are worthy of love, full and requited, messy and amazing love.

Trans rights are human rights. You have the right to exist as the person you know yourself to be. You have the right to equal medical access and to respectful medical care. Your worth is not determined by what is/isn’t between your legs, or by anything else related to your body. You are a whole human being and you deserve to be supported in living your life as your most authentic self — full stop.

(You also have the right to NOT be “out” — you are not worth less if you have decided not to show the world all of who you are yet, or ever…there is no shame in being who you are, but you are also entitled to privacy if that is what you desire; YOU pick when and whether and what the world knows, and your reasons are your own. That decision should only belong to you, and I am so sorry that some of you did not get to choose or were forced “out” before you wanted to begin that journey.)

Black lives matter. I cannot say this too many times. And I know some of y’all are applauding certain towns, municipalities, departments, etc. and the moves they’ve made toward reform. Some of these things are actually useful, like Colorado ditching qualified immunity. Many of these actions, though, amount to performative justice. That is not justice at all.

For too long, for too many CENTURIES, white people have been getting rich and getting ahead off of disrespecting and/or exploiting Black bodies. It looks a bit different today, maybe, but it’s absolutely ongoing (how many old white guys own sports teams made up largely of Black athletes? — and that’s a fairly “benign” example, if such can be said…we haven’t even touched on prison labor), all the while treating those Black bodies, those lives, as disposable, as unworthy of equal justice and equal treatment in the eyes of the law.

<<<Breonna Taylor’s murderers have not been arrested and charged. SAY her NAME.>>>

Women’s rights are human rights. My body is mine. Your body is yours. You’d think that all of the anti-maskers — those people who are SO upset about being told what to do with their own bodies! — would be pro-choice, wouldn’t you? Hrmmm. Strange, that. You get to use your body as you see fit, except when you would compromise someone else’s equal right to bodily autonomy.

(That’s why we make an exception to individual autonomy when public health is at risk. You don’t get to drive drunk — you’re not just risking your own life, but those around you as well. You also don’t have the right to walk around potentially spreading a lethal virus vs. taking one sensible precaution that might protect other people if you’re carrying it and don’t know yet.)

Wear a mask. Be kind. Hang in there, y’all.