Mel’s Monday Musings: August 19, 2019

Hi, y’all! What’s on your mind tonight?

Stuff is getting real with the craft show; it’s this coming weekend! Setup is Friday afternoon, and then Saturday from 9-5 and Sunday from 9-3 it’s “showtime.” (Kind of a big deal for this introvert…I really hope I can be “on” for everyone. I love the stuff I make and I believe in my art, but conveying that to the wide world is hard sometimes when social stuff drains rather than fills your tank.)

I think it’ll be exciting though, to see so many people supporting local artisans — and I’m excited to see all of my fellow artists and craftspeople! There will be 75+ vendors, so it’s not small potatoes.

The last ornaments have been made (and all of the chainmaille and tree pendants I could squeeze out of the supplies I had). All of the giclée art prints I ordered are matted and bagged. I still have to tag everything and take pictures (for inventory and insurance purposes), but other than that, I think I’m as ready as I can be.

(Oh wait, still need to practice taking payments with Square, too, but I’m not worried.)

I can’t believe how different my life is right now from how it was five years ago. Not all of the changes are good (I would like certain people back, like my grandfather), but a lot of them are. I’ve published a second book of poetry (a much better effort than my first, heh); I’ve had my first book signing. I’m heading to my first juried arts & crafts show, and I have no plans of stopping there. I’m an officer in my Lions Club. I live in a place I love. I have lost and found and made amends and laughed and cried and grown so much.

I’m aiming to finally finish the Druid grade in OBOD before my birthday. We’ll see how it goes — but again, another change (a very positive one)!

We all have the power to change our lives. You’re not stuck where and how and even who you are. (You may be, temporarily, in certain ways, but not forever — and your moment will come. Make sure you’re ready to seize it when it arrives!)