Mel’s Monday Musings: July 22, 2019

Hi! How’s your Monday been?

I woke up to pleasant temperatures (thank you, rain!) and no headache for the first time in a few days, so that was a good start! I don’t get headaches often, especially not recurrent-for-days ones, so when I do I’m a big baby about them.

It’s been a sleepy kind of day over here, but I did get four pendants finished today (and three ornaments last night despite the warm day). Coming right along! I can’t believe we’re less than two weeks away from August already. 2019 is really flying now!

Still a huge klutz here, in case anyone wondered. Late last night, as I was finishing my third ornament, I noticed I’d gotten some fabric scraps on my big Tarot bag that lives under my desk at my feet, so I swiped my hand down and across the bag quickly — and the pad of my middle finger went numb. Wth? I pulled my hand up and saw blood welling from a nasty cut. Later, I ran my hands (carefully) all over the Tarot bag and didn’t find anything pointy or with a sharp edge.

My best guess is that my finger slid along the outer zipper track so quickly and forcefully that it just split the skin open, kind of like when you get a cardboard cut — those hurt way more than they should! The initial impact deadened the finger in my mishap, I guess, and it’s not too jagged so it was going to be less painful anyway. (I felt that sucker when I was washing it out though!)

I’ve been watching the latest season of Queer Eye on Netflix and it is so good for my heart (there are a lot of onion ninjas at my house when I’m watching that, I’ve noticed…strange, huh?). Sometimes all a person may need is someone to believe in them and show them who they can be. It’s also heartbreaking, to see people who truly don’t believe they’re worthy of having a life they love — or worthy of love and being appreciated for exactly who they are. I just want to hug them all.

(Man, seeing Antoni get gruff with someone in one ep was awesome and unexpected! He wasn’t having any bullshit. You need to watch this show if you aren’t already watching!)

Mueller’s testimony is coming. I want to be hopeful. I really do. But I’m not convinced he’s going to be the hero we need. I do believe people are capable of being heroic though, so maybe he’ll bring all of the truth with him to the stand Wednesday (it’ll also be interesting to see what the administration does to try to distract from that testimony).

It’s easy to get disillusioned with the world in general…but don’t lose hope. Don’t let the fire go out. Most people are good most of the time, and I still believe humanity is shiny-good at its collective core. I’ve seen too much goodness, big and small, in my life to discount it out of hand, even in the face of plenty of darkness and yucky stuff.

Be the good someone else sees that keeps their own inner flame lit and burning brightly. We’re all in this together.

Speaking of goodness, is anyone excited for the Mister Rogers movie coming out in November? I’m torn. I love the idea (and I idolized Mister Rogers as a child — I cried my heart out when he passed away while I was in college!)…but I need it to be done VERY well.

I’m also looking forward to the next Maleficent movie, which comes out roughly a week before my birthday. Guess I know how I’ll celebrate!

Your turn. 🙂