Mel’s Monday Musings: July 8, 2019

Hey, y’all! Not a lot of cohesive thoughts here today, just random snippets. (Didn’t sleep long enough or well; one of those things was my own fault.)

A smattering:

-Board games are good at riling even the most normally-harmonious family members (although Machi Koro is still much less divisive/enraging than Monopoly imx).

-I’m going to re-learn (well, mostly learn) to dive, at 36 years old. It is hard to ignore your body’s instinctual “don’t go headfirst; are you insane??” — harder still when you can’t see the depth of the water, I think…I know how deep it is but my eyes can’t relay that properly to my brain, so the rest of me thinks diving is the dumbest thing I could do.

-The weirdest friendships tend to be the best. Maybe if all of them started out with heaping doses of mutual vulnerability/stark honesty, they’d last longer/be built on sturdier foundations.

-Art show prep continues! So many ornaments. My art prints came in and they’re gorgeous! I also set up a Spoonflower shop for some of my paintings-as-fabrics. Check it out when you have a moment!

-Blue wine looks delicious. I hope it is! Will report back.

-Despite a lot of leaf and even BUD damage from (I think) sawflies before I caught it and applied neem oil + DE, my baby rose bush is preparing to bloom! She’s offering up three of the prettiest little buds I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see the open roses! I didn’t expect flowers this year; those four spindly canes were so fragile when she came to me. I think sprinkling coffee grounds into the dirt around her makes her happy. I don’t drink it but MIL does, so she supplies me with fresh grounds now and then.

Damaged but not ruined!

How are you? What’s new on your end? Be well. 🙂