Mel’s Monday Musings: June 24, 2019

Hi, y’all! (Just remembered I forgot to actually hit publish…sorry about the delay!)

It’s been a beautiful few days, if warm. The pool is almost ready (too cold for me, but I told the kids I would sit on my giant float and supervise if they want to go in later this week)!

My strawberries are growing and some show a hint of pink now! Gotta check them regularly so I don’t miss anything.

I’m already gathering supplies, re-organizing (read: making a COLOSSAL mess!), and crafting for the show in August. We keep taking random financial hits; I’m trying not to stress and am hoping that success at the craft show will help backfill some of those holes at least a little bit.

(Plus, I love making pretty things, so it’s all win-win anyway, at least to a point!)

Didn’t sleep well the past few nights — last night it was mostly the dogs’ fault. The windows being open = every single sound worth barking at must be attended to with great vigor! And every sound is worth barking at…especially our neighbors. The ones on one side are great; the others are renters (nothing wrong w/that!) who don’t seem to have been vetted. The cops have been out several times because of domestic disputes over there, I guess. They were having quite the shouting match at 2:30 this past morning.

(Even I am usually in bed at 2:30am! Not always, but usually.) So rude!

The night before, it was all about the weird dreams, including one where I ended up getting my legs peppered with grapeshot, and fell down into a shallow pool of water. I was trying to play dead while keeping my face out of the water enough to where I could breathe. It was quite a dream.

Anyway…how goes it with you? Do you love high summer, or are you pining for autumn?