Mel’s Monday Musings: June 17, 2019

Hi, y’all! It’s been a gorgeous Monday here. Sunny, 70s (feels like 80s, so plenty warm for summer-lovers!), gentle cottonwood seed “snow” falling…

I have tiny green strawberries on my plants out back now, and my irises and lilies are blooming! It looks like we’ll be up to our necks in lettuce in a few weeks, too. (I hope so!) I’m trying a couple of varieties I’m not familiar with this year. Different can be good.

On that note (different can be good), I just found out this afternoon that I got into the art show!! I have just over two months to prepare, which is good because I have almost no “inventory” right now. Gotta make sure all my legal ducks are in a row, and then I can start worrying about paying the booth fee and getting set up/making All The Things I’ll need for the show.

I’m terrified. And excited! I’m really good at disasterizing everything in my head, so I’ll be trying hard to not let my anxiety get the best of me on this. Once you do a thing the first time, it can’t be as scary ever again, right??

2018: First book signing. 2019: First art show.  Well.

Thrive. This year’s word was thrive; last year’s was boldly. I think they’re conspiring to push my boundaries in every way possible this year…and as people cooler than me like to say, “I ain’t mad at it.”

How are you making strides toward thriving this year? What boundaries might need revisiting or redrawing (or eradicating) in your life? Let me know!