Mel’s Monday Musings: May 20, 2019

Hi! Today was busy and I promised a make-up showing of one of my favorite movies tonight since a power outage last night cut it off three minutes in…but I have a question for you.

What plant makes you happy? (Feel free to list several; my list would be very long!) If you could bring home a new living companion from a garden center or nursery, what would it be? (Has to grow well in your area because what would be the point if it wouldn’t thrive?)

I don’t think I have an ultimate favorite, but I was very happy to learn that some azaleas grow well here. My grandmother used to have several ringing the twin pine trees in her front yard. The hum of bees and the riot of pink and white were always so lovely.

Someone planted an azalea in one corner of my side yard, someone long before me (it’s not a young plant).

Yesterday, I decided to do the same thing. This little one made me smile.

Here’s to the things that make you smile, too.

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