The Same River Twice: Unexpected Truths

I devoured the Kingfountain series by Jeff Wheeler, and am now plowing through the related Harbinger series. In Book 4, one of the characters (can’t say which; no spoilers!) dropped several truths in a few short paragraphs of a letter, and I’d like to share that passage (with spoilers omitted).

Maybe you’ll find some of this as timely and as profound as I did.

“There is a saying here in Kingfountain that I much admire. You cannot step twice in the same river. Change is inevitable and relentless, and I have found that it does not matter how slowly progress happens so long as it does happen. […] people change for two reasons. Either they have learned much, or they’ve been hurt much. People fear change, however, and it requires much coaxing. Not because it is difficult, but because the future is uncertain. […] It is easy to forgive a child for being afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when one is afraid of the light.

-excerpted from a letter by [someone] in Prism Cloud by Jeff Wheeler; all emphasis mine.