Mel’s Monday Musings: January 7, 2019

Hi! I hope you’re settling into the new year well. I can’t believe we’re already a week into 2019!

Let’s talk faith/spiritual paths/whatever you want to call That Stuff.

More specifically, let’s talk day-to-day, moment-to-moment faith.

If you have a spiritual path, how do you follow it? Not What rituals do you have? or How fancy is your altar? but how does it play out in your daily life? Do you perform rituals/attend Mass or whatever else only on major holy days, and then tuck your beliefs away until the next one comes along? Or do you live your faith even in the small, everyday things?

One of the questions people seem unable to find the words for but want to ask when they learn I’m a Druid is along the lines of, Okay, but what does that mean?

Day-to-day, being a Druid isn’t any more or less glamorous than being anything else. But it’s an active state, not a passive appellation.

For example, today I spent a good bit of my morning re-potting some new succulents. I blessed the soil I added in there, and I’ve inscribed runes of protection and growth on the corners of the pot itself. I also saved the flimsy nursery pots for any offshoots/pups the plants produce, instead of throwing them out. I always re-use as much as I can.

Pretty simple, right? Right.

Ahh. ❤


There’s no grand ritual involved with most of life. I don’t have an ornate toolbox of magical gardening supplies. Just honest work infused with sincere belief.

(and a hereditary green thumb…thank you, Nana!)

One thought on “Mel’s Monday Musings: January 7, 2019

  1. happy new year, Mel!

    I would say Iive it daily in a million ways. From quite small (no plastic bags) to keeping my eyes open to what I can do to be kind to finding a way to be as true as possible to the life I have.

    as well as doing things to keep in touch with the borderlands… dream, intuition, and those things seen by the corner of the eye.

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