Mel’s Monday Musings: October 25, 2021

Hi, y’all!

Life is insane, as ever (what IS it about October for everyone??), so I wrote a poem to bring me back to center. Maybe you can relate, too. 🙂 And yes, pretty much everything is about love and/or the sea.

i love october
even when it won’t let me catch my breath,
when the wild wind rises under
a watchful hunter’s moon
and the leaves beckon, imps one and all,
dancing blackly against the night.

you are love undemanding,
the silver comet in my soul.
kiss me while the wolves are sleeping
as the cold woods gift us to the sea.
make love to me in the warmth of the water,
trusting the waves that urge us on.

later we’ll let the trees reclaim us,
standing sentinel as we softly drift,
sated bodies a blissful coda to this dream,
waking in the shivelight of a gold-leafed morning.

© Mel Eatherington, 10.21

Hope you’re doing well out there, friends!