Mel’s Monday Musings: September 6, 2021

Y’all, life is nuts. The kids go back to school (in person for the first time since March 2020) tomorrow. I am co-chairing the most important fundraising event for the arts council and I don’t really know what I’m doing. A local women-entrepreneurs group is trying to pull me in. I have projects I’m trying to cross-connect between community organizations.

My next poetry collection is due out this fall and I haven’t even started to pull it together. I have half a dozen ideas for art/paintings and very little time to actually make art vs. trying to sell it/do the marketing parts.

The yard needs a good two weeks of dedication to get it pretty and get the beds mulched and ready for winter. The deck needs painted. The porch needs a few minor repairs. The car needs to go into the shop. My treadle table isn’t painted. The sewing machines haven’t been hot-rodded out yet. I haven’t started outlining holiday stuff/gifts/yes. I don’t even have Halloween sorted and usually I do by mid-August.

I’m trying to be consistent with my workouts. The house needs a complete top-to-bottom reorganization and purge. Gotta get my workbench in from the garage before winter so I can actually organize all of my tools for various things, but I have to make space in my craft room for it first.

And wow, politics. Wow, Texas. (Women’s rights are human rights, dammit!)

The list goes on and on. I am not discouraged or weary — I’m actually glad to be useful and busy! — but it’s just kind of a lot of things all happening at once and I am feeling the pressure to Get It All Right.

Everything will work out. I know it. And to that end, I bought myself my first-ever pair of combat boots because I am an ass-kicking queen who can handle whatever this world throws at me.

(The steadfast love and support of my innermost circle definitely powers that. Always grateful, every single day.)