Mel’s Monday Musings: August 9, 2021

Firstly, thank you to everyone who helped me last week by casting a vote over on Instagram! We won’t know until the 20th whether I made it into the top 3, but I will keep you posted!

I’ve been thinking about courage today, about bravery, about strength. We still get so caught up in outdated notions of bravery involving some kind of grand fearless feat that I think sometimes we forget to appreciate how brave each of us is in a hundred smaller ways in our lives.

One of the people closest to me regularly has to endure a procedure I’m pretty sure I couldn’t, not without being conked over the head first. They wouldn’t necessarily say they were brave but I sure would.

A friend’s mom is facing cancer (again) and is still doing things she loves, through multiple rounds of chemo. Brave.

Another friend is overwhelmed right now with two small children, one of whom is having some issues they’re still figuring out. Her day-to-day stress level is higher than mine probably ever was when my kids were small — and yet, she does a damned fine job being a mother in not-the-easiest of situations. She has also learned how to ask for help, which is a brave thing all its own in a society where moms are expected to magically do it all.

Yet another friend is dating after a very messy divorce. He’s putting himself out there, making himself vulnerable even though he knows he could get hurt again. That is brave.

You’re brave too. So am I, although to myself the things I do seem very, very small compared to the courage other people show in their lives every day.

This weekend, I reached out to my favorite silicone ring company and asked if I could design a collection for them. I linked my portfolio and explained that I already love their products and would be delighted to work with them.

Today, someone reached out to let me know they had forwarded my info and my request to the appropriate department, and said someone would be in touch if they’re interested. I know it’s such a long shot…but why NOT try?

I’ve always had a bold streak, though it was good and hidden for a while due to certain life circumstances. I made a promise to myself a long time ago that I would never again hide myself away. Not everyone will like the full-color me, and that’s ok. I don’t like everyone either (although I do like most people). I can’t live a smaller life than I was meant to live out of fear of what someone might think of me. The ones who judge, the ones who dislike, well…they aren’t my people. I wish them well anyway.

How have you been brave lately?