Mel’s Monday Musings: January 11, 2021


On January 6th, pro-Trump insurrectionists breached the US Capitol. Congress was spirited away *just* in time to avoid coming face-to-face with that mob. People died.

Trump is guilty. He is a self-absorbed, feckless, sedition-fomenting traitor. Blood is on his hands. (He probably can’t feel it anymore, after almost 400,000 coronavirus deaths.)

I hope he’s removed from office immediately. Every day he remains is another grave threat to our democracy — and our safety. I hope every insurrectionist pays heavily for their actions.

“But Mel, it’s time to put it past us and focus on healing.”

I do want healing. But healing without accountability, without repercussions? That’s a toxic/abusive relationship — one element always expected to forgive and forget and the other getting away with all kinds of awfulness because they know they can.

If we don’t try to expel the “Sedition Caucus” from Congress…if we don’t bar this “president” from ever holding office again…if most of the insurrectionists get away with it…

…what the hell is there stopping them from doing this with EVERY political result they don’t like? What keeps them from escalating the conflict? (Absolutely nothing.)

So no. Miss me with that shit. Accountability is the first step in moving forward. Throw the book at all of them.

(And the insurrectionists who died? Don’t whitewash their lives after the fact. They betrayed their country. If it were up to me, I’d have “TRAITOR” or “S/he FAAFO” on their tombstones.)