Mel’s Monday Musings: November 30, 2020

Congratulations! You’ve made it through November — and in 2020, every month that passes feels like a weird accomplishment.

What’s new with you?

Here, it’s been all about Prometheanne. Have you ordered your copy yet? It’s out on Amazon! Remember that if you want a signed copy, I’m still waiting for the bulk of my author copies…if you don’t care about a signature, it’s MUCH faster to order through Amazon than through me. I have it on good authority that those copies ship right away and are already reaching folks, whereas the vast majority of mine have not even shipped yet. Authors get a discount on copies of our own books, so they don’t prioritize our orders since they don’t make as much money off of us. It’s aggravating but common.

When you do receive your book, I would LOVE to see a photo (doesn’t have to be a selfie!) — you could take a pic of it at your kitchen table or on your bookshelf or wherever else. It gives me joy to see my books “in the wild.” And if you love it, would you please consider leaving a review? It doesn’t have to be long — “I really liked this book” is just fine! Reviews help other people find my work and have some idea of what they’re getting themselves into. (Muahahaha.)

(Do this for authors you don’t know, too, please — anytime you had an enjoyable read, it would mean a lot to them if you left a few words to tell them so!)

It looks like we’re finally gearing up for some decent snows around here. By the end of the week they’re predicting 3+” in some areas. That’s a good start! (says the Carolina girl who absolutely adores snow)

Have you decorated for the holidays yet, if you celebrate? We are in the process; I’m hoping to have my Christmas/Yule tree up and lit tonight (ornaments tomorrow afternoon probably, and other decor as we get to it this week, indoor and out). My neighbors are ON it so I need to catch up!

Have a lovely week, y’all. Yes, there’s a lot that’s sad and scary around us right now, but there’s also a lot worth celebrating. Let’s make it a season full of light, and with our warmest, gentlest thoughts put our arms around everyone who’s hurting and draw them into the soft glow of our friendship and understanding.