No More Teasers…

It’s heeeeeeerrrre!! Prometheanne: Dead Fires and Lifeblood is available for purchase on Amazon!! I am SO EXCITED to have this book out in the world. (It may not be searchable for a few days as they get all the details set up, but you can follow the link in this post.),204,203,200_.jpg
Yes, that is “Fissure” on the cover!!

NOTE: If you want a signed copy, I have ordered my usual first run BUT they’re not estimated to arrive at my house until December 8th, so please be patient with me. I will post an announcement about payment options, etc. once I actually have the books in my hands. If they arrive on the 8th, they will ship on the 9th, I promise!!

I hope you enjoy reading Prometheanne. If you like it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon! That is one of the best ways to thank (and help) an author. I’d love to know what your favorite poems are from the book, too — reach out anytime! And spread the word!!