Mel’s Monday Musings: November 23, 2020

Hi! I felt like I should still do my MMM post, even though my thoughts are pretty centered on the poetry collection that’s about to drop (hopefully this week!). I figured I would use this post space to share some important info related to all of that.

If you don’t care about having a signed copy, ordering on Amazon will be the fastest way to get my book. I am NOT making Prometheanne: Dead Fires and Lifeblood immediately available on Kindle — there are many reasons for that. Eventually? Eh, probably. But for now, let’s stuff down our need for instant gratification and look forward to checking the mail. Holding my humble little book in your hands is so much better than reading these poems on a screen anyway.

If you want a signed copy AND you live in the USA, you’ll order your book directly from me. The list price is $11.99; with shipping, it’ll run you a flat $20 per copy. (I can combine shipping to make it cheaper for up to 3 signed copies but I’m not Amazon and I have costs to recoup too. Thank you for your understanding.)

If you want a signed copy and you live outside of the United States, contact me and we’ll see what the best options are for your particular situation.

I don’t know for certain which day the book will go live. With self-publishing through KDP, when I hit “publish” it can take anywhere from 1-3 days before the book is actually available on Amazon. I will promptly order author copies — it takes a few days to get them to me, then I’ll spend a few days signing and mailing books. I do limit the number of signed copies that go out into the world at the time of publication, so don’t wait too long to grab yours!

Getting so close…I hope you’re at least half as excited as I am.