Mel’s Monday Musings: September 7, 2020

I’ve added Swahili and Norwegian (Bokmål) to the languages I flit among in Duolingo. I find Bokmål to be surprisingly intuitive, at least so far!

We have the pool 99% closed down for the season. Just need to add more water-bag weights to the leaf cover that sits on top of the winter cover itself. (Keeps leaf litter from falling into the snow melt on the winter cover below — once we have snow, that is! — and decaying, falling then into the pool itself as we remove the winter cover in late May.)

The kids start school on Wednesday. I’ve got a sophomore in high school, an 8th grader, and a 6th grader this year! It seems like only yesterday they were babies or toddlers, waddling around with sticky fingers and messy chins.

I’ve started a new series of art pieces, one that’s NOT alcohol inks for a change! I love alcohol inks best, but I like trying new things and switching it up in here now and then. The changing of the seasons always puts me in that kind of mood.

What’s new with you?