Mel’s Monday Musings: August 10, 2020

Hi, Saturday Songwriters, Twitter pals, and other folks wandering by! How are y’all tonight? (Well, it’s night here; it’s the next day for some of you, I know…good morning/day to y’all!)

The world’s gone crazy, maybe. So tell me three good things! They can be large or small or anywhere in between. šŸ™‚ I’ll go first:

1) I finally got my art website set up! There are a few things I’d still like to change (that I don’t know how to change yet), but it’s up and it’s decent — or at least I think so! Check it out at Wandering Bloom Art!

2) Our water heater is going to be installed tomorrow afternoon (hopefully)! Our last day of hot water was July 31st; the heater was pronounced dead on the 1st of August. I’m a little over frigid showers at this point, haha. So are the other five people in my house!

3) A dear friend surprised me with a gift of stunning hand-dyed yarn (yay good mail days!) from my favorite yarn shop on Etsy. It was so unexpected and kind — especially after she sneakily found out which colorways I was most interested in, weeks ago! — that I almost cried. So awesome! I can’t wait to make something gorgeous out of this beautiful yarn!

Your turn. What’s good in your corner of the world today?